About ICOOPCHE 2017

“Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development”

Technology and the environment are two things that are very important in supporting the development of human civilization. In this era of globalization, two things are in the spotlight of the world community because the two are closely related and largely determines the sustainability of human life. Nowadays, people have relied heavily on technology. Without technology, all the patterns of people’s lives will be hampered. On the other hand, technological developments also have an impact on the environment. Environment into the often disregarded without realizing the impact such circumstances we are experiencing today. Unwittingly, the environmental problems due to process technology has become a worldwide problem. All the people around the globe are beginning to feel the effects of environmental problems are becoming increasingly deteriorated.

The general objective of this international converence is to convey new ideas and research at the operational level of research to support the development and sustainability of Green Technology and Green Energy in Indonesia especially, and the world in general. As for specifically, the purpose of implementation of these activities is to:

  1. Gathering information on the progress of research in green technology and green energy in Indonesia as the particular and the world in generally.
  2. Knowing the problems encountered in the field on the development of green technology and green energy, including the application of finding the best solution for the diffusion and dissemination.
  3. Contribute ideas to realize green technology and green energy as environmental friendly technologies.
  4. Strengthen cooperation and synergy of interaction between universities, research institutions, and industry by the government to promote the development of green technology and green energy in Indonesia and the world.

Important Dates

Full paper submission due 15th April – 15th September 2017
Seminar days 29th – 30th November 2017

Seminar Topics

This conference activities, divided into several sub-themes, so that the participants can choose the appropriate sub-theme. In this event, the organizers invited experts, researchers and practitioners from industry to present a paper on the theme as follows:

  1. Oleo and Petrochemical Process Technology
  2. Bioenergy Technology, Food and Bioprocess
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. Chemical Technology and Chemical Industry
  5. Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
  6. Process Systems Engineering and Product
  7. Polymer Technology, Materials and Membranes
  8. Control and Process Optimization
  9. The Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering and Design
  10. Waste Treatment and Environmental
  11. Sustainable Chemical Processes
  12. Fundamental Studies of Science and Engineering

Keynote Speakers

  1. Prof. Dr.Ing. Misri Abdulkadir Gozan, M.Tech (Chemical Engineering University of Indonesia)
  2. Prof. Shaobin Wang (Chemical Engineering, Curtin University of Technology)
  3. Prof. Mohd. Roslee Othman (School of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia)


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